How to take a picture

March 13, 2009 at 1:21 am (Uncategorized)

From Uncyclopedia, how to choose between a digital and a film camera:


Digital is everything these days, but in today’s age of megapixels and megabytes, it’s complicated too. With film, you only need to choose the speed of the film. Another advantage of film over digital is that memory cards are difficult to put in the camera properly. With most cards, there are seven wrong ways and one ‘right’ way to insert the card. With odds like that, film obviously has an advantage.


The primary advantage of film is that it is easy. Film comes in different speeds, so make sure you buy film that is compatible with your camera. You can put slower film in a faster camera, but for the best results, buy the fastest film that your camera supports. If your camera is old, it is best to upgrade to a model that supports the faster film.


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