What teenagers do

July 13, 2009 at 2:14 pm (Uncategorized)

A report written by Matthew Robson, a 15-year old schoolboy, for Morgan Stanley on how he and his friends consume media. Source: Morgan Stanley

What I am most suprised about is how blindingly obvious most of it is and how little the basic themes differ from when I was a kid.  Here’s the quick summary:

  • Price is  a driver, things that are free are more used than things that cost money
  • Kids listen to music, don’t like paying for it and share it with friends
  • Kids watch TV (or an online version of it)
  • Kids don’t read newspapers
  • Kids play game consoles
  • Kids ignore most ads
  • Kids go to the movies, particularly if they can get in for half price

There were a couple of amusing things in there though

  • “Almost all teenagers like to have a ‘hard copy’ of the song (a file of the song that they can keep on their computer and use at will)”  Clearly the definition of “hard copy” has changed since I was a kid.
  • “Teenagers do not upgrade their phone very often, with most upgrading every two years.”  When I was a kid, two years seemed like a long time too.

Much has been made of kids not using Twitter.  Most people say this means twitter is doomed, but I celebrate it, finally a place for adults that isn’t being ruined by idiot kids.


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